M. Walter Levine

I have known Bob Mitchell and his work for many years, I can tell you that no matter where you are in the world, if you needed the Best Photography (as I did and received in my new book cover). My book is "How Can I Help You?" by M. Walter Levine...and you have the opportunity...you will be more than happy to build your business on his view of photography, through the professional eye of the master, Bob Mitchell!!

— M. Walter Levine, author "How Can I Help You?"


Charles Kuralt

Bob Mitchell never seems to be in a hurry. Other people stride, Bob ambles. He's a familiar figure around Boothbay Harbor, strolling along with a camera hanging over his shoulder, looking around, stopping to talk with friends. He is at home, and has all the time in the world. It may be that Bob was born calm and contemplative; it may be that the serenity of Maine has worked its congenial peacefulness into him. You can see the man in his photographs. They are placid pictures, most of them, graced by thoughtfulness and patience, like him. Even the portraits of neighbors are of people at peace, willing to take things as they come.

— Charles Kuralt, from the introduction to NEAR HOME


"Beautiful. Artistic. Creative. Incredible. These are just a few words that have been used to describe the photos that Bob Mitchell took of our wedding in Maine..."


Bob Mitchell is a true artist... part Wyeth, part Cartier-Bresson. A poet with a camera. Mitchell's photographs capture the spirit of a moment, and the spirit of place, as only great photographs can... revealing a truth that you have always known, but never noticed, until his lens distills it for you. Whether it's a wedding, a family portrait, or a Maine landscape, Bob Mitchell brings his artist's eye and his generous spirit to each image he makes. And he does it with such a warm and easy manner that you'll find yourself wanting to become a friend. We did. And we have.

— Mary Lou Teel, Producer, CBS News Sunday Morning... and family.


Knickerbocker Wharf

Those of us in the Boothbay Region and beyond who know Bob personally are never surprised by the warmth and beauty of his photographs, because they reflect his gentle, kind and caring personality. His photos capture the people and the natural beauty of Maine as they really are.

— Mary Brewer, Boothbay Register


Beautiful. Artistic. Creative. Incredible. These are just a few words that have been used to describe the photos that Bob Mitchell took of our wedding in Maine in 2001. His unique style which captures not only the apparent physical beauty of the Maine landscape, but also the feelings of calm and peacefulness that can be found on the rugged rocky coast. His smile, calm disposition, and radiant happiness with his chosen profession added so much to our experience at the Spruce Point Inn and he was an invaluable part of our wedding day. Priceless candid shots - perfect staged shots - and with his incredible attention to detail and beauty, Bob accurately captured the essence of our wedding. Bob is an incredible photographer - evident in his work. Bob is an incredible person - evident after sharing just a few moments with him.

— Larisa and Chris - Brooklyn, NY


THANK YOU for the fantastic photos! We loved them - especially the interior shots of the church, those wonderful black and white portraits, the pictures of the dancing... ALL of them! It was so nice of you to get Alex and Alexis's collection ready for them so fast. We did an informal rating of the wedding and you got an enthusiastic A+.

— Sara (mother of the bride) - Portland, ME


We are overjoyed with the quality of the photos taken by Bob Mitchell. We are delighted that there are more pictures that we'd like framed than we have room for. The difference which sets him apart is the fact that he manages to be "invisible". He has the gift of capturing so many perfect moments without anyone noticing that he is there.

— Jessica and Tim - Branford, CT


Rosco's Boathouse

We recommend Bob Mitchell to all our friends without hesitation. Friends in Maine, Boston and the Cape have thanked us for such an amazing referral. Bob's work will please every member of your family. He is so easy to work with and you won't know he is there. Yet, his pictures will capture the essence of each moment of your wedding and you get to keep all 600 pictures and the negatives.

— Tom and Jen Peterson - Brookline, MA

We had a fantastic experience with Bob Mitchell. Initially, we were attracted to Bob's work. In addition to capturing the emotion and character of the people he shoots, Bob captures the context of the event - the landscape becoming a subtle but integral part of his composition. We also found Bob's straightforward contract refreshingly professional and simple. During the planning before our wedding, Bob listened carefully to our vision for the wedding and to our preferences for our photos, and then captured exactly what we'd requested in a completely unobtrusive way, exceeding our high expectations. What we didn't know when we hired Bob was that, in addition to being a masterful artist, he's also just a great guy. Bob's humor, kindness, and tact throughout the entire process of planning and capturing our wedding was unexpected and exceptional. We couldn't be more pleased with our experience with Bob or with our photos. Very highly recommended, indeed!

— Will and Amanda - Belmont, MA


When Bob is not peering in the camera, his enigmatic smile can charm the fog veil off Mother Nature or an unsuspecting subject. The twinkle in his eye is faster than the shutter on his camera. Behind the smile and sense of humor is a serious photographer, poet, and philosopher whose work ranks with the likes of Eliot Porter and Kosti Ruohomaa.

— Laurence P. Sisson - Albuquerque, New Mexico