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Around Boothbay Harbor 2020 Calendar

A full-color 2020 calendar featuring 12 unique images “Around Boothbay Harbor” by Robert Mitchell.

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featuring photographs by Robert Mitchell

A set of eight 5" x 7" blank notes (8 cards and envelopes) are $14.95 each plus $4.50 packing and shipping.


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A set of eight winter images “Around Boothbay Harbor” by Robert Mitchell.

Individual notecard sets (8 cards and envelopes) are $14.95 each plus $4.50 packing and shipping.


To order notecards by phone or email or for more information, please contact us

You may also reach us at:

Robert Mitchell
504 Hendricks Hill Road
Southport, Maine 04576
(207) 633-3136


Mitchell Photography Blog


Back in my earlier years of photography I got to be a guest at many wedding events. The Lawnmeer Inn was a very popular setting and it was, for me, at that time, a regular and enjoyable venue. The Reed family, and I mean the entire family, managed, staffed and maintained the Inn, along with much local support. It was a good gig on weekends throughout the season. A devoted group of regular part timers helped make the ship stay on schedule.

Jean and Evelyn

It is always a better day when crossing paths with this pair of lovely young ladies. And there are many paths that cross. These are the Southport goodwill twins. When you see Evelyn you seldom don’t see Jean. They are a great and indefatigable team of pleasantness and their visits, accidental or intended, bring joy.


Let me say right up front that the acorn image is enlarged for illustration purposes. Imagine how big the squirrels would be to harvest these bad boys! They would need to be French bulldog size.

My acorn sizing in this week’s class is intended to help me explain the difficult and controversial subject of weather prediction, using what used to be referred to as “Old Wives’ Tales.” Suffice it to say, out of respect for current political correctness trends, that I will not use that term. In today’s application we will refer to this process as “weather roulette,” and I will reference time honored techniques.


Jim Fossett is a person I have admired for a long time and hoped to visit upon these pages eventually. This summer I got a quick chance to say hi during one of his visits home to Boothbay Harbor with family. It’s a little challenging to catch up with Jim as he covers a lot of ground.

Owl’s Head

Our son-in-law Andrei grew up in Romania. He, his family and many friends commonly did their own mechanical work. There were not a lot of resources during Communism which forced the population to develop alternative systems for keeping things going.

Janet and Oliver

They are not saying good-bye, they are saying hello.

I didn’t know that Oliver sold bicycles. When Janet told me this I thought she said “Oliver stole bicycles.” Then I remembered that Oliver grew up in Newcastle, Pennsylvania. My freshman year college roommate was from Newcastle, and he did steal bicycles!

Cunningham Farm Stand

Before exploring the Cunningham farm, I’d like to share a brief experience regarding my flawless memory!

Several months ago I lost or misplaced my favorite Ray Ban sunglasses. I was very sad. They are great glasses. A few days ago I popped the hood on my 2003 VW Jetta to check the oil. Right there, on top of the air cleaner cover, sat my glasses, 3, 000 miles after oil changing. It was a long and winding road my friends. I’m thinking maybe I should just keep glasses there until my next oil change so I won’t know where to find them!


Line cook Roxroy Smith has been working in the food service business since his teenage years. He has spent over 10 years aboard cruise ships cooking his way around the world. During his time aboard ships he has visited 115 countries, often with as many as 2,700 staff from 88 nations, who all must speak English. This experience has not only afforded him a great opportunity to learn, but allowed him to build a flawless reputation for reliability and credibility. His credentials allow Roxy, as he is hailed by coworkers and friends, to travel without question and to work in highly desirable settings here in Maine, around the U.S. and internationally.


Last week we wished bon voyage to our family friends Kate, Sage, Jim and Jenifer Elderkin-Wickline as they prepared for their return to New Zealand. This week we continue our worldly adventures with another local traveler.

Nikki Brooks has spent a large portion of her adult life away from the Boothbay region. Her first trip abroad was to Paris with her father at age 16. It was all she needed. Since then Nikki has visited, traveled through and worked in China, Russia, Chile and Peru. Also, after she finished college she and a friend backpacked through Europe. I believe its fair to say that Nikki enjoys new adventures. She has visited many countries around the world.

Kate and Sage

When Googled, Maungatapere is described as a settlement in Northland, New Zealand. State Highway 14 runs through it. Whangarei is 11 km to the east, and Tangiteroria is 18 km to the southwest. A mountain called Maungatapere with a summit 359 m above sea lever is southwest of the settlement.