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Around Boothbay Harbor 2019 Calendar

A full-color 2019 calendar featuring 12 unique images “Around Boothbay Harbor” by Robert Mitchell.

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featuring photographs by Robert Mitchell

A set of eight 5" x 7" blank notes (8 cards and envelopes) are $14.95 each plus $4.50 packing and shipping.


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A set of eight winter images “Around Boothbay Harbor” by Robert Mitchell.

Individual notecard sets (8 cards and envelopes) are $14.95 each plus $4.50 packing and shipping.


To order notecards by phone or email or for more information, please contact us

You may also reach us at:

Robert Mitchell
504 Hendricks Hill Road
Southport, Maine 04576
(207) 633-3136


Mitchell Photography Blog


We rubbed elbows with Caitlin before she was born. In 1988, we attended a group Lamaze class at Miles hospital. Pregnant moms and nervous dads gathered to learn more about the birthing process. We and Caitlin’s parents, the Cronks, were enrolled. It was a great bunch of folks from all over, Waldoboro to Bath. Many of us kept in touch. We had a wonderful reunion after everyone’s baby arrived. What a scene that was. Ten new babies in the same room comparing notes. They had lots to say! 


GPS (Global Positioning System) is everywhere. The sky is full of objects looking down on us. It can tell us where we are when we don’t know. It can tell us our destination before we get there. It will argue with us in our cars (“Recalculating”). And it can tell us where things will happen before they do. 


On any given day the Southport to Boothbay Harbor drive occurs. Almost always, at least one trip per day, sometimes many, seldom never.

It’s not a long journey, but it’s where all the supply stations reside — major postal service, Fed Ex and UPS drop offs, technology, specialty shops and dining facilities. It’s where we go for stuff, plain and simple.


Nat Porter, from Winchester, Massachusetts, had a place at the end of Kimballtown Road on Barters Island back when we bought our first home there in 1978. Horace Lee of First Federal Savings and Ethelyn Giles helped us with that transaction. Our house belonged to the Roberts family for many years. At the time, Almond Roberts and his family lived at the end of Kimballtown, right next to the Porter property. Their house was taken down.


Back in the late 1980s, maybe say ’87 or so, we were trying to do a little better with our fledgling publishing business, CONNECTIONS. We had a small assortment of postcards, note cards and posters, and I think my first book “WINTER,” at that time.

Tom and Karen

Tom Nickerson and Karen Calhoun Pinkham have been friends a long time.

When they were in school, Tom did an internship of sorts at Elm's garage and Karen worked at the Dairy Freeze, nearby in Boothbay. Tom said he and Steve Gaudette used to stop by on a weekend evening to see Karen and get a big milkshake container full of soft serve vanilla ice cream to which they added a detoxification concoction for good measure.

Mrs. Cowan

In these politically charged times, I know I am walking on eggshells. But, politics aside, I am remembering Mrs. Cowan, a very dear friend to us and our communities.

A holiday season never goes by without thinking of this very special person. We see, still, long after her passing, reminders of her presence. We share those memories with others, and still can laugh and tell stories about what it was like when Mrs. Cowan walked into a room. You just never knew!

S/V Bowdoin

Having the Ernestina-Morrissey (aka Effie M. Morrissey) and the Bowdoin side by side at our local shipyard is like having the Patriots and the Red Sox bunking in together at the Seagate Motel. The history of these vessels is almost too much to comprehend. Both ships have made multiple trips to the Arctic. Now, both are here being updated and restored, at the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard, extending their longevity and service.


I think November is kind of a weird month. It seems to arrive in a sort of stealth way, sneaking in through the back door with little notice and a few surprises. So far, this November has, true to form, settled in and fiddled about with all variety of annoying and pleasant weather and events. 


From my first visit to Monhegan in the mid ’70s, learning of the island’s “Trap Day” interested me. Such a special event. An entire island population working together to prepare for the opening day of lobstering season. It was a great idea. The waters surrounding Monhegan were rich with lobster at a time of year when the price would be high. The only thing was, “Trap Day” took place at the coldest time of the year, Jan. 1.