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Around Boothbay Harbor 2017 Calendar

A full-color 2017 calendar featuring 12 unique images “Around Boothbay Harbor” by Robert Mitchell.

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featuring photographs by Robert Mitchell

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A set of eight winter images “Around Boothbay Harbor” by Robert Mitchell.

Individual notecard sets (8 cards and envelopes) are $14.95 each plus $4.50 packing and shipping.


To order notecards by phone or email or for more information, please contact us

You may also reach us at:

Robert Mitchell
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Mitchell Photography Blog


I guess I'd like to start with two apologies.

One. Sorry for the obligatory lupine photo. I know there are tons of lupine photos everywhere this time of year. On the internet, in magazines, on TV, etc., etc. But I just can't resist throwing in my two cents. These plants fascinate me.


One of the first weddings I photographed here in Maine was for Carol Yereance and Rick Heaberlin. It was a great family gathering for a couple who might have met at the then local hot spot, Village Cash and Carry. Carol's mother and father both worked there, as did Carol's sister, brother Ken and wife Deb, and Louis Burnham. The rolls they made for sandwiches and subs, and for just plain eating, were the best around. Reminded me a lot of New Jersey deli food I'd eaten during my teaching days.


Chetley Rittall owned a boat shop at the head of the Harbor. I think he landed at that location close to two decades before we bought our first house on Barters Island — around 1978. The space that was his shop is now empty but completely renovated for “Christopher's,” a wonderful local restaurant favored by many.

Wally the Whale

I have never seen a whale. Well, let me take that back.

Years ago when Cap'n Bob Fish was developing his new “Whale Watch” trips, I went with him to get some photos of whales for the company brochure. We did see some minke whales, but they were not very large when compared to some of their more substantial ocean cousins.




When we left Maine last week for Topsail Island, North Carolina and a family wedding, it was almost 50 degrees. The next few days after our departure, so we are told, were very warm. In the 80s!

When we landed in Charlotte, North Carolina to catch a connecting flight to Wilmington, the temperature in the pathway between our plane and the terminal got our attention. We had anticipated the change from Maine but were not prepared. At Wilmington airport we went officially outdoors to pick up a rental car which had been totally closed up and sitting in the sun. I detected a subtle change in temperature and humidity.

Holy mackerel! Sunshine

For a quick special moment, the light at the end of the tunnel lit our inside spaces and even the tunnel entrance. The sun sparkled on the ocean waters, puddles almost dried up, blooming and greening things made some progress. Even our peonies had a growth spurt before I had a chance to completely clear out last year's old stems and debris.


The sounds and motions of Cutter II caught my attention as it moved up into Linekin Neck off the Bayville shore.

Water rushed from the wooden traps lifted onto the boat gracefully and grabbed up, placed for emptying and re-bait. Captain Craig circled the boat as the stern man slid a trap overboard. It was like watching a dance without any music.

Romar: A last look

Romar Bowling Lanes, the bowling alley at 19 Bridge Street in Boothbay Harbor owned by Charlie Rowe and his family for 70 years, will soon be gone. Since Rowe’s death in 2011, the space has been empty. Considered an iconic landmark, the 16,000-square-foot building was built in 1928 by developer O.P. Swope and purchased in 1946 by Rowe and his father-in-law, Leslie Marr — hence the name Romar Bowling Lanes.

Now that building, and the wharf and parking lot on the waterfront behind it, have been sold. The bowling alley will be demolished and a new structure will be built in its place.


When I have exhibited my work, people invariably ask, “What the heck were you thinking about with that photo?” And much to the disappointment of the questioner, I generally reply, “You know, I don't know.”

This has proven, almost always, to be a very unsatisfactory response. But honestly, I really can't explain why. As you might imagine, this can be a pretty challenging position when working on assignment for someone who might have a very definite idea about what is “the best view.”

Ernestina-Morrissey 2

Since last posting here about the Ernestina-Morrissey project at Boothbay Harbor Shipyard (September 2016), great progress has been made.

Upon arrival, the Ernestina-Morrissey was in hard shape. Looking back through some of my early images reminds me of how desperately repairs were needed. In the early days of this project it was impossible for me to imagine how extensive the work would be and become.