2020 Calendar Letter

Our early family (1992) with Matt Kehoe and angel Weezie from UK at Ocean Point

Welcome back to another year of regional views from our wonderful Maine coast. Let’s hope the camera has done a good job of capturing the magnificence we have come to know and love. We are so very fortunate.

Who said “Hindsight is 2020”?  Bet that phrase gets a hearty workout this year!  For us, at Connections Publishing, it is in fact 20-20!   Our 20th year and 20th calendar. Over 240 cherished views of everything from lighthouse skies to stacks of lobster traps to winters’ freezing seascapes. Never a lack of enticing subjects for the curious eye. Maine rocks! 

Speaking of rocks and rocking, our family has not been idle much. Things are moving right along with little moss growing on rolling stones. We have made some efforts to spend more time together as a family in many ways and in many places.

One of our most wonderful visits together happened on our beloved Monhegan Island. Daughter Morgan and husband Andrei arranged a week’s rental of “WikWak” cottage on the northern water’s edge looking out toward Manana and off to New Harbor across the bay . What a special time we had with leisurely wanders across the island, naps, puzzles and home prepared foods at odd ball times inside and out. We love Monhegan and have visited many times over the years, always hoping to stay longer than the mad rush to the cliffs and back in time to catch the boat back to the Harbor. This was truly a gift with a much honored visit from our dear friend Kevin “Unka” Kiley. Mae got up from New York, Susan wrangled some free time off, Morgan and Andrei scheduled vacation and I brought up the rear. We were in heaven and immeadiately reserved our return stay. 

Click image above to view this year's calendar and order online.

Click image above to view this year's calendar and order online.

Another big item of interest  is the engagement of our eldest daughter Megan to Sir Ben (Uncle Baxter) Mankoff. A wedding date has not been set but planning was never a key ingredient for the Mitchell-Endicott group. It will be when it will be. We are thrilled with Ben’s arrival to the family. I hope he knows what he is getting into. We burn alternative fuels which can be challenging. I think he is up to the task having spent a week with the crew in “the barn”, our winter stronghold. Not sure he, being from Texas, ever heated with wood, but that’s how we roll up here on the NE coast. He did fine.

The even cooler news was the trip Ben and Mae made to Turin Italy film festival for the preview of a film that Ben co-directed. The film was accepted at five festivals, two in Europe and two in the States, and one in Toronto. Fingers crossed for successful unveiling’s and healthy reviews. We shall see. By the time this calendar hits the market we should know more . A new film is in production now too. Fingers crossed.

Mae keeps busy too with Nanny work and new apartment and help with Ben’s creative projects. Even with an occasional acting project of her own. And sometimes she finds her way back to Maine.

Morgan and Andrei have made great progress with their lives in Portland, continuing to be involved with their creative projects and enterprises. There are some changes in the offing for both of them which have not come full circle at this writing, but new adventures are guaranteed for both.

One very large adventure came out of nowhere for Morgan and old Poppy! We visited Cuba in April and may be forever changed by the experience. What an amazing trip. We found a casa particular (private apartment) in old Havana within a short walk of the central city plaza. The experience was life altering, enhanced by Morgan’s flawless Spanish. People were blown away by her mastery of their language and willingness to ask for clarification gracefully.  Her ability to speak Spanish opened many doors. We visited homes, met vendors and explored effortlessly a small fraction of the country for which much has not changed since the 1950’s. The people are remarkably resourceful, many living on next to nothing, yet so willing to share. I was able to photograph, but I must admit, far less than anticipated. I was so captivated by our hosts that I found the visual memory far more satisfying than the physical recording.  Which is not to say that we came home empty handed. Morgan made some wonderful photographs too as we toured around. We’d go back in a heartbeat, but it may be more difficult in the future as international events impact travel. 

Susan continues her selfless endeavors to create calm and good healing for her flock. The challenges of aging become more complex, it seems,  as time goes on. Some of our systems are in need of repair. Yet she marshalls on with good success and  the help of a great team-- a very capable group,  working well together, supporting each other and those in need of care. Now and then Susan can get a little break for a trip to Kripalu or a fast visit away. We hope to pop in on Mae and Ben in the City when we can. A little more chaos added to their lives wouldn’t hurt!

All the best,
“The Mitchell group”

As always, a portion of the proceeds from calendar sales will be set aside for “Teens to Trails” so young people can enjoy Maine. Yay!  

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