2018 Calendar Letter

Photo by Canon, self timer

Greetings All!

Since our first calendar in 2001 we have mentioned that a portion of calendar sales is set aside to support Maine children. We have been sort of casual about this, which is to say, we have never been real specific about what we do and with whom. This year we’d like to change that and be very specific about who we support and how much we would like other Maine lovers to help us with a very worthwhile program.

Many years ago our daughters, Megan and Morgan, were classmates of a local young lady, Sara Leone. They attended Sheepscot Valley Children’s House in Wiscasset.  Tragically Sara was lost in an automobile accident in 2005. As a tribute to and in memory of Sara,  an organization called “Teens to Trails” was created that does exactly what we have tried to support----- an opportunity for young people of Maine to experience the unique and wonderful brilliance of this magnificent state.

We continue to support “Teens to Trails” and hope that many of you will join us. Thank you.  You can contact “Teens to Trails” at www.teenstotrails.org, through our website, www.mitchellphoto.com, or directly at 98 Maine Street, Brunswick, Maine 04011. 

We’re all doing ok.  No major changesin our lives, just some variations.  Since we are not great about keeping   in touch, we hope that the calendar helps share our sincere appreciation for Maine and home.

Megan (Mae) and Morgan and Andrei continue on their various paths with slight wobbles along the way. Mae continues her theatre and acting quest in New York City with some good successes, but still just shy of full time gainful employment in the “business”.  We went down to the City a couple of times to see her in shows which is always quite an adventure and great fun to see her performances. To help pay the rent, she has done some nannying for City families, sharing her sparkle with a variety of young folks, from infants to terrific twos and beyond.  She really enjoys her time with the children and finds her theater training a great asset while on duty.  She’s been in New York City for over six years now.

Who’s counting !!!

Morgan has shifted gears a bit from her start up business of custom designed t-shirts.  She has taken on new challenges and adventures with “VIA” , an extremely successful and innovative agency in Portland. She is learning tons and enjoying her new experiences.  “VIA” seems like a terrific group--- we hope to visit and get a tour soon. In her “spare time” Morgan is enrolled in a year long online “functional medicine health coach” course. She has discovered, through some of her own personal physical struggles, the power of nutrition and its impact on overall wellbeing.  It’s a demanding program but she is very dedicated to her study.

Andrei has also done a bit of a switch at his work place, CIEE, in Portland.  Initially he interacted mostly with foreign students and their introduction to new jobs and locations. Recently he has been doing more international work in eastern Europe with agencies who wish to place students with U.S. employers. Also, he has been promoted to meet with northeast regional employers looking for seasonal help.  He has been busy also doing some Turo car rental and Ubering in the Portland market, tossing in occasional trips to Romania to visit his family.

Susan continues her remarkable home care support work, helping folks remain active safely. She enjoys her work managing the many needs of her extended family.

Click image above to view this year's calendar and order online.

Click image above to view this year's calendar and order online.

It can be a very demanding assignment but Susan is most adaptive and has great experience, which helps tremendously. One of her most critical impediments, however, remains the unforseen two feet of snow and unplowed roads.  We had a couple doozies this past winter which truly tested her mobility.  She remained vigilant and never missed a day!

The highlight of our year was a wonderful family trip to Topsail Island, North Carolina, for my neice’s wedding.  I was “fotoman” but we all got to go.  All three of my sisters from Pennsylvania gathered, along with many of their children and friends.  It was the first time in ages that my sisters and I were in the same room---- Heaven help us!   What a riot.  We had perfect weather and an absolutely stunning setting for a wonderful beach wedding.  We even were honored by a visit from my sister Ginny’s son, Jason, who we had not seen since his life threateninginjuries during military service abroad.  We were so happy to see him as he is recovering and thriving.

We hope that you are navigating life’s twists and turns.  May our views of Maine grace your lovely walls and remind you of this beautiful special place.  We wish you well.  Many thanks.

Robert Mitchell

As always, a portion of the proceeds from calendar sales will be set aside for the young people of our peninsula to enjoy Maine. Yay! 

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