2017 Calendar Letter

Photo by Canon self timer

Greetings All!

As time goes on it has become more and more challenging to get us all together in one place. This year may have been the most unusual setting so far.

Mae, who still pursues her theatre and acting career in the Big Apple lands back in Maine from time to time, but we don’t always know when or if the rest of us will be circling the wagons when she does. Andrei travels a fair amount with his job and Morgan is constantly on the move.

So, the only time we managed to capture everyone in one frame this year was at the bus/train station in Portland. Hendricks head beach it was not! But we were all together and the self-timer setting on the camera worked well enough. Just another Magic Sunday!

Click image above to view this year's calendar and order online.

Click image above to view this year's calendar and order online.

We’ve all discovered a new and wonderful service for the State of Maine and our states of mind. Concord Coach, which operates out of the bus and train terminal in Portland, has initiated a new bus run between Maine and New York City. And, it is awesome!

The newly scheduled runs are via new coaches. They are non stop, except for a brief 10 minute break at a half way point in Connecticut allowing a quick stretch and walk about. Must reserve online with fewer passengers and much more space—complimentary snack bar, wifi and movies. In six hours you can be dropped off at East 42rd street in a lovely neighborhood with subway connections close by.

We all piled on for our maiden voyage in June to see Mae in a play on Governor’s Island. Our good friend Mary Lou Teel helped us with ferry tickets and joined us for a magnificent day and live performance. It could not have been more perfect. We should have made the family photo for the calendar there, but we were so excited to be all together that we forgot. A memory recorded without an electronic device—imagine!

Mae continues to work diligently on her acting/theater career. Not an easy process in the belly of the beast. So many talented people all working toward the same opportunity. She has been in the City now for over five years but continues to continue. Odd jobs as “nanny” and retail sales person help to keep food on the table and rent paid up. She has another good opportunity in an August play. Bus again baby! Her work continues to improve and she seems willing to “hang in there”. Always loves to get back home to Maine though!

Morgan and Andrei are doing quite well in Portland. Morgan continues to work on her design projects but has taken more steady work with Woodford Family Services, an organization committed to support and inclusion of people with special needs. She’s a perfect person for the job and loves it. Her multiple language skills and good heart are great assets, and she is learning tons.

Andrei continues to prosper in his new environment. He works for CIEE in Portland and was recently promoted to a new position which will require more interpersonal communications for the “work and travel” division. This is right up his alley too, for just as Morgan, he speaks well several languages and has great inter personal skills. We are very proud of his accomplishments and astonished by his ability to learn and adjust, as well as excel in his new country. We are also very excited for his father’s visit with us from Romania this summer.

Susan and I continue to chug along at our sustained paces. Susan’s pace is a bit quicker than mine, but we are both doing pretty well. She continues to be deeply involved in the lives of others, helpful in many ways, and much appreciated.

We stayed in the “big red barn” out back a lot longer than usual this winter, moving back to the house early June. This year’s house winterization was not as successful as last year. Plumber Bob had a few extra “issues”. Funny, for a much milder winter there seemed to be more problems. Perhaps the house’s years are beginning to resemble mine, with some parts feeling the stresses of age. At least I can fix the house.

But, we continue to be grateful for our many blessings. We are very fortunate to live where we do with so many good and kind people. With great hope and proper nutrition, we look forward to the year ahead and hope things will go well for all of you who have been so determinedly supportive. We thank you and wish you well.

Much love from all of us, here and there.

Robert Mitchell

As always, a portion of the proceeds from calendar sales will be set aside for the young people of our peninsula to enjoy Maine. Yay! 

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