Photo by Canon Otto-Time

Hello out there—

Its us again. Back for another coastal Maine adventure. Thank you for joining us along the way.

As is often the case, we never know what will turn up when our family gathers. I had this letter written and was about to submit to my family for grading. “Pass/fail” requested this year as my brain had gone to sleep over the winter and only parts of it reawakened.

Then, Mae rolled in from New York City for a week’s visit—good stuff. She hadn’t been home since Christmas and was long overdue for sloshing her toes in the Sheepscot. Morgan and Andrei were “in the house” but preparing for a return trip to Romania. The stage was set. Man the lifeboats!

We weren’t disappointed. There were rumblings at the dinner table about this year’s family calendar photo. Everyone was here—what’s it gonna be. Susan drew short straw.

Everybody but old dad has one of those cell phones that do everything—I believe they are called “smart phones”—I’m not sure why. Anyway, unbeknownst to me a plan was hatched—a smart phone convention on the rocks at Hendricks Head beach. Get the tripod dad and follow us. What a riot. We drove everybody off the beach with our laughter. Some poor motorcyclists from Ohio will never be the same. Their loss. I grabbed my Hasselblad—not an unfamiliar body part, sorry to say. One of the greatest cameras ever made, in my opinion—a real workhorse. But a total relic in today’s technological age. I don’t think I care. I love the camera and still use it.

So I just want everyone to know—this was not my idea. But as often the case, some of the best ideas come out of nowhere, just like us! Set the self timer and stand back!

The rest is history. The kiddos (who no longer are) seem to be doing ok. Mae’s still in the Apple area with the acting and theatre gig—no great breakthroughs there yet, but its early. Morgan and Andrei are in perpetual motion, checking out the world. Nicaragua and Costa Rica last winter—now off to Romania for July and August. Back here in the Fall, we hope.

Susan and I are just that, Susan and I. We are pretty lucky folk in the scheme of things. And grateful for that.

Enjoy Maine, for crying out loud, and have a good laugh with us. Our little project is still printed in Maine, in Farmington. Darned good I’d say, given the sprint to print offshore. We like to support this place we call home which has given us so much.

Keep those cards and letters coming. Have a great year and order lots of calendars! Come on, you spend more on new underwear. And our calendars do not require prewash. We need the business!

Peace AND Love. From all of us.

As always, a portion of the proceeds from calendar sales will be set aside for the young people of our peninsula to enjoy Maine. Yay!