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Mitchell Photography Blog

Grover's Alley

So, most people who live here or visit regularly know the “rules of the road.” But, every now and then, there is what I call a “flummox” - you know, a crossed wires situation. In the words of some famous movie person, “A failure to communicate.”

Grover's Alley (my name for it) presents “flummox” opportunity.

Quiet waterfont

Calm. Empty. Peculiar. For a mid-week day, the quiet was unusual.

It’s not what I’ve come to expect in Wiscasset, especially with discussions about traffic along Route 1, bypasses, crosswalks, economic impact and other general concerns. The stillness was nice for the moment, but certain to change.


I think music helps us become better listeners. Voices singing, pianos well tuned, instruments blending. Music listened to and performed almost seems to connect circuits as it travels inside us.

Callie Aldrich is a classically trained musician, and so was her mother from whom she learned piano. Her family was, and still is, full of music.

The Salt Pond

When Lonnie Sisson lived on Southport, Rachael Carson was spending a fair amount of time nearby. Lonnie's cottage, no longer present, was sort of next door to Ms. Carson's cottage, an easy stroll. And both artist and writer could walk to the location of this week's photo in the time it takes water to boil for a cup of tea — not using a microwave — not that fast.

2015 Around  Boothbay Harbor Calendar: Now Available!

A full-color 2015 calendar featuring 12 unique images “Around Boothbay Harbor” by Robert Mitchell.


Part II

The reflective image I have chosen for this week is quite different from last week’s photo. I guess that’s obvious.

This photo was made on the longest day of the year in June. The beauty of the longest day is that light gets to places not lit at other times of the year. In this case, I found myself under the Newagen Town Landing pier during a pretty low tide.

Part III

Last week’s attempt at abstract expressionism didn’t work out too well.

I think the folks who print the paper may have wondered if Old Mitch got into the mushrooms again.

I actually received a phone call from a “friend” who asked me if I had any more of those photos of spilled coffee .... And if I did, to please keep them safely filed!

More Ice

It takes a lot of cold to make a lot of ice, and I believe we've had a substantial crop of both. Love Cove on Southport offers a good close-up glimpse for nonbelievers, if there are any.

I can't look at these big chunks of ice (some a foot thick) without recalling my dream job as a child. Licking the dasher on our hand-cranked ice cream maker.


Isn't this owl's expression just a little intimidating?

The wise old owl, or younger owl, in this case. To me, the look we are getting suggests, “Nothing to see here, just move along.”

These are some really serious birds. I'd never seen one except in a Harry Potter movie or in famous photographer photos from Yellowstone or National Geographic. Why would they come to Maine, anyway?