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Mitchell Photography Blog

My car

Did you ever park your car somewhere and forget where?

When my mother-in-law was having trouble with this, we put a fluorescent tennis ball on her antenna. So, when she went to Macy's, she had a better chance of locating her car after shopping. It worked for a while.

But lots of people started using antenna tennis balls.


Kevin Kiley's moon is full for many of the wonderful shows that visit the Opera House. Shows we can attend are all but completely arranged by Cathy Sherrill, who has worked in and around the Opera House for the past ten years. Before that, Cathy helped out at the Opera House in a variety of ways, as many have, to save and renovate what some have called the cultural center of our peninsula.

I met Cathy at her wedding — that was a long time ago, but a date I often recall for a lot of reasons. Mostly I remember her father and how special he and Cathy were together. Their interaction captivated me — it was impossible to ignore how much they cared for each other. I think it was obvious for the guests, too.


I know this week's episode is not properly timed with previously aired photo essays, but there is a reason.

Expatriate Wiscasseteers have come out of the bushes to remind me that this column runs weekly for the Boothbay Register AND The Wiscasset Newspaper. So maybe it would be nice to “focus” up river a bit!

Less Color

The last couple weeks have cranked out a lot of color across the bow. Fall has really provided extraordinary brilliance. It wasn't what I expected given the long stretches of dry weather we have had. Just goes to show, even the least well informed make mistakes now and then.

So this week I switched off the color shtick and went monochromatic to late evening with fog on the footbridge. This image gets back to my roots of black and white which I truly miss. Without color, to me, the black and white image engages the viewer differently, allowing the eyes and brain to participate more personally. All the information is not given — it goes to a different place in the brain — your place.

From above

Oct. 15 was a magnificent fall day to go flying.

It has been a while. Aerial photography, like much to do with my work, has gone through major changes. Costs, drones, all-knowing cameras, smartphones and more people photographing have taken a toll. So I was excited to be back in the air with a camera drifting around, being a seagull.


Late summer and early fall seemed unusually warm and dry to me. Experience, as a well documented “fall lover,” tells me that this is not a good combination for much color in the trees, which is another nostalgic favorite of mine.

But, so far, it seems my past recollections are incorrect — imagine! This fall is turning up some dandy color, in sort of fits and starts, as it were.

Ahh, Maine

Every now and then an opportunity presents itself.

Recently, one of my favorite “living” photographers, Michael Kenna, opened an exhibit at Paul Paletti Gallery in Louisville, Kentucky. Kenna rarely shows in the United States, so I decided go. It seemed possible. Two and a half days, down and back.

Moon dance

So I gave in. Like 6 zillion other folks with cameras and phones, out we went in search of the supermoon.

It's funny. The last time I tried to photograph a supermoon was 2011. Remember? The photo where the moon was about half way out of the ocean with a yellowish cast. I took a lot of heat for the part of the moon that didn't make it out of the ocean.

My boat

Headed home to Southport last week, driving around Mill Cove, I noticed a very substantial motor yacht parked at Donny Wotton's old pier. I was reminded of my boat.

Admittedly, my boat is far less sophisticated and remains securely attached to the trailer it came with. I am pretty sure it floats.

Lusty Lobster

Alfred Huskins lived across the street from “The Pink Cottages” just off Dogfish Head Road, back from Ebenecook Harbor, on Southport. He and I met when I was doing some work for Mary and Liz (Harward and Kiehn) at the cottages. I was also cat-sitting for Mary and Liz at their house over near Decker Cove. My job was to keep their long-haired cat alive and hair ball free. It was a long winter which we both survived.