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Mitchell Photography Blog


Mike could tell you things that you never wanted to know.

He had an unmistakable laugh that you could hear a mile away, and many people did!

Once a gang of us had a birthday party for Mike. He was emphatic about his birthday party. It could not be avoided, even six months late. Every time he got bumped into — “When are you guys gonna have my party?”


In the winter, visitors slow to a crawl. Far less activity when the weather turns cold. Except for the errant robin which, according to our Aunt Bea, heads for the deep woods, visible occasionally announcing that not everyone who can goes south.

But, in spring, it's a different story around here. Things are hopping right now. This place bubbles over with all sorts of new faces, especially of the winged variety.


When Tony Heyl's “A Silver Lining” gave the local cable BRCTV a drone for creating lovely regional aerial videos (see, I asked him if he intended to do some flying.

Tony responded, “Mitchell, if I tried to fly that thing, it would be my luck to crash into the ninth tee of the celebrity golf tournament, clobbering some late great hockey player and terminating our careers. I'd much rather be supportive of others and out of sight.

Night Shift

Packed up some gear and waddled over town for a little walk around last week. Fog and the night. Maybe some of my spooky Edgar Allen Poe uncertainties returning. So fun to experience the feel of the Harbor at the time of day/night.

As many people know, I am not one to talk much about photo technical stuff. Especially now with the digital revolution, which continues to befuddle me. Too many things to know for such a small brain. I had film down pretty well and then it mostly went away.


I photographed a wedding over the weekend for a lovely couple from New York City. A great weather weekend!

When they first contacted me and said they were getting married in Maine on May 21, I cringed a little. Do you know what the weather can be like in May?” I asked. “It has been known to snow.”

Happy Hookers

A good friend, Sally Giantris, left a phone message for me a couple weeks back. She said that a local group of hookers would be gathering at her house for a three day guided workshop.

Now, defaulted personality that I have, memories of my early 1970s’ years working just outside New York City surfaced.


I hope Billy isn't upset with me for this. He is a private person, maybe a little shy, which in many ways, appeals to me. He sort of just goes on with his life, quietly, without fanfare. Billy is a completer -- not many loose ends. Which I also admire since I usually have at least a half dozen things flying around at one time, unfinished.

I think the first time I met Billy Latter was at the old Murray Hill Sonny Hodgdon shop where Margaret, Sonny's wife, delivered homemade fresh from the oven still warm cookies. It was a cozy space and very productive. A perfect fit for Billy and a small group of gifted craftsmen.


Changes of all sorts seem to be the topic of discussion throughout the region these days — golf course, Boothbay Common, area restaurants, renovations to existing facilities, and on and on.

For me, one of the biggest markers for change on our peninsula happens each year about this time, like the swallows returning to Capistrano. The return of seasonal water marks the true arrival of spring.


We had some pretty big doings here on the island last week.

Our volunteer fire department, along with Boothbay and Boothbay Harbor, planned and set up an emergency “mutual aid” practice focusing on the unthinkable prospects of a fire at the Hodgdon Yacht (formerly Boothbay Region Boatyard) facility at the end of Ebenecook Road. This was a large project, coordinating three departments, equipment and many firefighting personnel. Traffic was diverted and roads were blocked. Ebenecook Road, however, became a flurry of activity.

Boothbay Harbor Shipyard

There is so much going on at Boothbay Harbor Shipyard, it's hard to fathom.

A great old sardine carrier, Glenn-Geary, is being checked out for repairs. It has seen some hard times and I'm sure with nautical TLC new life will visit her old bones. Parts of the boat are being probed. How much of the keel needs attention? How good is the hull? New fastenings? New planks? Whatever it takes. I hope we will get to see Glenn-Geary make a miraculous recovery. There are folks at the shipyard who can get it done.