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Mitchell Photography Blog

Ocean Point

Ocean Point would be our first stop home from the airport. Mother had never been to Maine — she was claustrophobic and the thought of flying terrified her.

But with the help of my sisters and some pre-flight medications, Mother got her courage up and made the trip. Not easy from central Pennsylvania back in the early USAir days. No direct flights and a lot of shuffling around for a rural Pennsylvania gal who had never flown.

3 a.m.

When the alarm went off at 3 a.m. I thought it was a fire call and jumped out of bed and into my Husqvarna, not-up-to-code, pseudo-fireboots and headed for the door, forgetting to put on my pants.

Mostly, the only time I get up at that hour is to go to the bathroom. But in this case, the alarm was set for 3 a.m. to “go lobsterin.”

Sunrise is quite early this time of year, and I wanted to be on the water for it, photographically.

Lonnie Sisson mural

There is a mural in the old school house (Lions Club) on Lakeview Road painted by Lonnie Sisson.

Lion Harry Pinkham said the building was purchased from the local school system in 1960, and he guessed that the mural was painted not too long after that. It’s a dandy!


I was down at Hendricks Head Beach one fine Maine day dubbing around with my Hasselblad film camera (I still use film as often as I can) when I noticed a beautiful young girl strolling down the driveway in front of what used to be Ruth Gardner's house, heading my way.

She had a brown chicken under one arm and a white chicken under the other. I was mesmerized (I think that's what I was). Anyway, I couldn't believe my eyes. The little girl, then maybe 10 years old, walked over to the seawall and launched the chickens out toward me and the ocean.

Squirrel Island

Jane Fawcett at Star Cottage used to invite me over for tea.

We'd bump into each other in the harbor or at the Shop 'n Save and promise to be in touch. It seemed like an annual event. For me, it was fun to visit, then walk around the island.

Over the years I have gotten to know a few summer visitors on the island: Spaeth, Marinell, Kerr, Duvall, Mitchell (Sadie, no relation), Rob Hopkins and others. An interesting mix.


As you walk along the waterfront in the Harbor and pass around the by-way next to the old bowling alley, you will come to a sidewalk that heads downslope to the famous Boothbay Harbor footbridge. The footbridge was meant to connect the east side and the other side of the harbor, which it does.

But before getting to the footbridge, you will approach the entrance to Andrews' Harborside and a kitchen window peek into the world of Chef Craig Andrews, as I did, and do, from time to time.

Thank you

First of all, let me offer special thanks to the folks who print the Boothbay Register newspaper. I had some concerns about the photograph I shared in last week's paper. It was dark with little contrast — a challenging image to be sure.

But I gotta say, the printing crew did a very good job. Color ink on newsprint is no easy chore. There is dot gain, registration, and general mayhem associated with the speeding web press that prints the paper. Thank you for your efforts to print photos well.

Harbor light

So here's the thing.

I was returning from visiting our friend Dominic at Mid Coast Hospital around 10:30 p.m. Driving down the peninsula on old familiar Route 27 can be a challenge late at night, especially after a long day. Admittedly, I was pooped.

As I drove through the meadow by the Y, I noticed a car cross the road in front of me, turn around, pull up onto the sidewalk and turn off its headlights. Oooooh, wake up call! Why would somebody do that? When I passed the car, I recognized a local constable on patrol. One more reason to pay attention.

Tom Evans

Tom Evans came to Maine 95 years ago in his momma's belly. To the best of my knowledge, he has been coming here ever since.

Tom ended up on the shores of Southport's Sheepscot Bay through no fault of his own.


About seven or eight years ago, I planted a whole bunch of lupine seeds all over our property. I especially hoped for some to take in the back field and meadow, which really seemed well suited for one of my favorite plants.

The field light moves nicely across the grasses and through the trees. From what I'd read, lupine would like it there. I was excited to see if they would grow.