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Mitchell Photography Blog

Chairs and piers

So (as my sister would say), here's the thing.

Over the years, it's come to my attention that two subjects are frequently recorded by many who paint, photograph, sculpt, etch and just generally observe.


When the lights are on, somebody's home.

More than likely you will find Barbara Rumsey studying this or that in her office at the Boothbay Region Historical Society building on Oak Street.

St. Lucia

This week's image was made the same day I booked reservations for St. Lucia — not!

But I am reminded by less than secret yearnings, near and far, for someplace less winter-ish.

Where is St. Lucia? I seem to hear frequently of people heading there, planning to head there, or there.


Dean Morrison was checking back into Southport late fall as I drove by his house.

Darned if I hadn't just been wondering how he was doing, and presto! Dean appears.

Appearances are part of Dean's way. Disappearances too. Never quite know where or when he might show up, but the appearance is guaranteed to be worth the price of admission when he does.

Multiple choice

Here's a multiple choice question for you.

Select the thing you would be least likely to consider doing this time of year:

Power failure

Here's the plan. Pick the coldest day of the year so far, pack up the camera gear and waddle off into the great unknown. Which I did.

Remember, Mitch, in this marvelous age of the digital, “Live and die by the battery!” Take lots of extra, fully charged, warm milliamps so you have plenty of juice to run these electronic devices.

This isn't the old days of manual equipment when film got moved by a hand crank and focus required an eye. But I digress.

A change in the weather

While shopping recently at Home Depot, I had to use the restroom.

The gentleman who was polishing up the facility asked me, “What's going to happen with the weather?”

I said, “Well, it sounds like its going to get messy. It's been a pretty confusing season so far. Sure wouldn't want to be in the weather forecasting business.”

Sunshine on Christmas Day

I had my heart set on sharing a photograph of my only Jan. 1 “Trap Day” on Monhegan, but do you think I could find that folder.

Maybe I couldn't find it because even to this day, I get chills thinking about how cold it was.

I contacted Doug and Harry Odom to see if I could stay with them. Not a problem they said, and then they gave me a grocery list. They offered me the guest bedroom, which I thought was pretty darned nice.

Old friends

Reconnecting with old friends is one of the most enjoyable parts of this time of year. We really look forward to news from people all over the world who love Maine and remember us.

Selling our calendar, in many ways, has encouraged and expanded our connections.

Every year we hear from people who grew up here. Their stories and recollections of life on the peninsula are priceless and fun.

Lighten up

The evening weather on Channel 6 reminds me of our diminishing daylight. It was just 8 hours and 55 minutes at a recent check.

With all the clouds and overcast it seems like even less. And full sun has been unavailable for almost a week.

At 3:30 in the afternoon I start looking for my pajamas. Maybe Chip Haggett has it right: 3 a.m. get the work coffee on, and 3 p.m. boom it for home!