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Mitchell Photography Blog

The bun man

In 1977, before “Low 'T'” was invented, I was working three jobs, one of which was “The Bun Man” at the Ebb Tide. It was the “night shift.”

Buns were made the old fashioned way, using ingredients from un-prepackaged yeast packets, then mixed, raised, kneaded and baked. I'm not sure who came up with the original formula, but the buns were good — a special Ebb Tide staple.

During my tenure there and beyond, Cheryl Rice waited tables. She has handled a lot of plates, Congo bars, chowder and fries.

This time of year

There is less going on over the water this time of year.

The look out from Ocean Point between Negro Island and Ocean Point Inn appears quiet. A few months ago, there was a lot of activity. There still is, but it's different.

Betsy’s new book

Betsy Wing has written a new book.

This is not a review. I haven't had time to read the whole book — it’s just out. I'm a very slow reader.

Betsy lives in East Boothbay, near the end of a long road that ends in the woods, just back from the edge of Linekin Bay. A perfect place to write.

My behavior

When my mother toned, “James Robert Mitchell! “YOU know better than that!” I knew.

Like the time my sister's pony ate a box of prunes I accidentally spilled into the feed box. I was sorry it happened the day before her cart driving competition. Mother found my behavior reprehensible. I think that's what she called it.

Admittedly, I have behavior issues. Even today, things happen. It’s sort of fun to be 12 years old, especially when you become 65!

What storm?

I wasn't ready for the storm.

No snow tires on anything. Leaves in all the gutters. Grass that needs a final mowing. Storm doors to install. Painting.

I didn't intend to practice procrastination so efficiently

New grandmother

If my grandmother were alive today she would be 120 years old.

Although I'm sure she'd still like to be making oatmeal for me in a double boiler, cooked overnight with swollen up raisins and brown sugar, she can't. So, my choice for a new grandmother is Jean Thompson, our next door neighbor on Southport.


Neil Jones worked at Hodgdon Yachts for a long time. He and Chip Haggett (pictured) were good friends. They often worked together on complicated projects that required unique approaches and imaginative solutions.

I spent a bunch of time with Neil and Chip during the construction of the extraordinarily beautiful yacht Antonisa. They were building the yacht's working fireplace with all its elaborate and intricate enclosures. It was going to be the central focal point of the main salon, or downstairs living room, as I used to call it! There was no room for error — a piece of fine art fitted perfectly into curves and sections of unimaginable precision. And I have photos to prove it.

Colorful fall

One of the nice things about the Rite Aid parking lot this time of year is the view. There are some very colorful trees on the front lawn of the high school, and generally less traffic to obstruct. It's easy to see why Rite Aid chose their location.

But, be careful, traffic varies. School dismissal traffic can be challenging. Sometimes it’s smarter to stay parked and enjoy the view or return to the pharmacy for more of what you came for. Alternatively, avoiding the area during school traffic is easier.

New age photos

This summer I photographed a wedding atop a high knoll overlooking Penobscot Bay at a location called Point Lookout, in Northport.

Oddly, Point Lookout was the name of an area near the central Pennsylvania coal town where I grew up. That is where the similarity ends. There's no coal being dug at or near Point Lookout, Maine.

Our two ducks

Our two ducks came from Walmart, but we bought them at a yard sale. They didn't cost much and they are nice to have around. They are always there for us.

This time of year other ducks come to visit our two ducks. They are always there for them, too.

A great blue heron stopped by once this past summer (it may have visited before, but I never saw it).